Greetham Win’s Rural Community of the Year award

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Greetham Community Centre are pleased to confirm that we are the proud holders of the title of ‘Community of the Year’. We were visited by the judges earlier in the year and Pat, Ken and Ed went along to the ceremony to see how we had done.

The following comments were made before announcing Greetham Community Centre had won the award: 

“The Management Committee of Greetham community centre worked tirelessly during the pandemic to ensure that outdoor facilities were available to all ages in the community, and, since Covid the many other groups and sporting activities have restarted.  The building opened in 1981 and has recently been upgraded with funding from various grants. With a population of only 850,  Greetham has an amazing facility Which is the focus of many Community events. The Community Centre is at the heart of the village but the village is also at the heart of the Community Centre.”

We’re proud to play such a big part in our small community and will continue to try and do the very best for all of our friends and visitors.A huge thank you as always to all our helpers, friends, volunteers, neighbours, hirers and supporters, we appreciate you!

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